Gutturnio is the most famous wine in the Piacenza area, and the name comes from the latin “gutturnium”, a 2 lt container used by romans at the end of a meal to drink “the better wine”, a blend of barbera and bonarda grapes, that was made popular by Julius Ceasar’s father-in-law who came from the province of Piacenza. 

Technical Data

Varietal composition: 60% Barbera and 40% Croatina (Bonarda). Barbera is fresh, acidic and low in tannins, while Croatina has a higher pH, is deeply fruity and full of tannins. The end result is a full-bodied and balanced wine. 
Terroir: Clay soil, mild hills, 300 mts above sea level. 
Aging: 12 months (90% in concrete tanks, 10% in American oak). Can support medium aging in the bottle. 
Alcohol: 14.5% 
Yeast: Indigenous
Tasting Notes: Ripe fruit (mainly plum marmalade) and dry fruits. Not being subject to stabilization processes, it may present deposits. 

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