Na' de Na'

Uva Gualdora


Named after a typical Spanish expression “na’ de na'” that translates as “nothing of nothing”. This wine is not filtered, nothing is added or removed, an absolutely genuine expression of the grape and the terroir. 

Technical Data

Varietal composition: 85% Croatina and 15% Merlot 
Terroir: Clay soil, mild hills, 300 mts above sea level. 
Aging: 12 months in both French and American oak.
Alcohol: 14,5% 
Yeast: Indigenous 


Tasting notes: Rich, deep, dark, full bodied, with plenty of tannins and matured red fruit notes. Vanilla, wild berries and toasted notes given by the aging in oak barriques. Not being subject to stabilization processes, it may present deposits. 

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